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homemade by miriam aims to take our guests on a cultural and historical exploration through our food.

Chef Rafi Hasid has dedicated his career to researching and producing dishes that insight meaningful engagement with the individuals and narratives that define the food.

The best way we know how to tell our story is through our food.

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Cacio e Pepe Jerusalem Kugel


As we begin our planning and preparations for Rosh Hashanah, we find ourselves wrapped in tradition, submerged once again in the old world meals and gatherings that have bookmarked our upbringing. Rosh Hashanah is a time of moral and spiritual introspection, and as owner Rafael Hasid began putting assembling and inspiring our Rosh Hashanah menu, my team and I took the holiday’s summons to reflect on the heart of our dishes.

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Miriam Restaurant

At Miriam Restaurant the cuisine is uniquely, distinctly Israeli. Our menu is seasonal, and many of our ingredients come straight from Israel. A cornerstone in Park Slope, the restaurant is a home away from home for all who join us.


Inspired by New Orleans’ vibrant culinary scene, 1803 is a penchant for the French Quarter. The space, evokes the sultriness of an evening in the French Quarter, complete with balconied and outdoor dining, contemporary tropical motifs, and an intimate underground jazz club.